Metsäylioppilaat ry

Helsinki 1909
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In English

Forestry Students’ Association

Forestry Students’ Association Metsäylioppilaat ry (MYO) is for students studying forest ecology and management and forest economics in the University of Helsinki. The association was founded in 1909 and has about 300 members.

MYO organizes all sorts of activities such as excursions, cultural and sport events and parties. Our association has many old traditions, which we strive to keep grand and great, all the while creating new exciting events. Read more of our events and clubs here! Metsäylioppilaat ry also provides apartments for forestry students at Silvica (in Viikki).

How to join Metsäylioppilaat ry

1. Fill  the application form .
2. Pay the member fee (instructions below).
3. Send the filled form and a receipt of the payment in the same message (put your name as the title of the message) to the email address myo-sihteeri(at) The address is meant only for membership applications, and it’s not allowed to send any other messages there.

Member fee for international students: 10 €

Payee: Metsäylioppilaat ry
Account number: FI48 1271 3000 0830 42
Payment reference: 1148

 Overalls and other important stuff

You can purchase Forestry students’ red overall, patches or canvas bags from MYO’s office. Overall costs 25 €, and it can be payed with cash or MobilePay. If you have some other things on your mind considering Forestry studies or student life, don’t hesitate to send a mail! More info about contacting us is found here.